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British Columbia Chiropractic Association

Executive Director

Canada-British Columbia-Richmond


Company Information

The British Columbia Chiropractic Association (BCCA) is dedicated to furthering the chiropractic profession through public awareness, promotion of health research and meaningful partnerships

Awareness: We provide the public with facts about health care, empowering British Columbians to make informed decisions about their care for safer and optimum outcome.

Research: We are proud to support groundbreaking spine research in Canada, resulting in better diagnostics, innovative treatments and injury prevention methods.

Partnerships: We work on behalf of chiropractic doctors in our province to increase acceptance of the profession by forging alliances with health authorities and agencies and by creating care policies that benefit the public.

The Board

The BCCA Board (comprised of seven elected chiropractors representing the province) sets the BCCA’s strategic directions, programs and activities and allocates budget funds to support these activities.

Strategic Directions

The BCCA Board has identified several strategic imperatives to provide clarity and guidance in the development and prioritization of activities, as well as in the allocation of resources for the BCCA on behalf of its members:

  • To transform and improve the image and credibility of chiropractic in BC
  • To support the ethical practices of the Chiropractic profession
  • To support research to support evidence informed practice
  • To collaborate with other health care professionals to work toward greater integration of Chiropractic into the BC Health Care system
  • To pursue the expansion of the chiropractic scope of practice in BC
  • To advocate to insurance providers (and employers) for increased chiropractic insurance coverage and inclusion
  • To provide relevant and timely information and advice on issues that impact the profession increasing member ownership and engagement

Job Description

The Executive Director (ED) is accountable to the Board of the BCCA and is responsible for the direction of the affairs of the BCCA, its staff and its facilities. These responsibilities are intended to support the success of the mission and strategic directions of the BCCA and to assist in positioning the BCCA as a recognized leader in the field of chiropractic and regulated health professions. It is understood that these responsibilities will be coordinated with the activities and participation of the Board, Committee Chairs, and Members in general.

Key Accountabilities

The position will include the following responsibilities:

Strategic Direction and Governance Support

  • Provides strategic input and guidance and participates in planning, development and implementation of BCCA directions, priorities and the establishment of supporting programs
  • Identifies and provides coaching and leadership development opportunities for the Board
  • Provides ongoing support, information, advice and coaching to the BCCA Board and its Committees
  • Develops Board meeting agendas in consultation with the BCCA President
  • Provides management and direction of BCCA programs, where delegated
  • Ensures an effective and timely communication flow between BCCA, staff members, BCCA membership and appropriate external groups
  • Identifies opportunities to actively promote chiropractic

Facility and Financial Resource Administration

  • Provides or facilitates overall administration of the BCCA office and business functions including member services, committee and task group support, internal and external communication, human resource management, finance and accounting, records management, policies and procedures
  • Acts as principal negotiator for, and ensures the appropriate administration of, BCCA related business contracts and leases
  • Develops the BCCA budget in conjunction with the Secretary Treasurer for approval by the BCCA Board
  • Implements appropriate expenditure, monitoring and reporting mechanisms
  • Initiates and monitors the annual audit process

Team Leadership and Development

  • Provides leadership and overall direction to the BCCA staff, including staff development and training
  • With the support of the BCCA Board, ensure that the BCCA has an effective compensation program and management team below the level of the ED, and that there exists an effective plan of succession and development for the ED and management;
  • Encourage idea sharing and an effective system of communication among the BCCA staff;
  • Continually enhance the work environment through innovative administrative practices and human resources programs and policies; and
  • Inspire and motivate the senior leadership team in developing operating objectives, administrative policies, and business plans to meet the strategic goals and objectives as defined by the Board

External Communication and Stakeholder Representation

  • Acts as the spokesperson to parties external to the BCCA in the absence of the President or when so designated by the President
  • Representation on behalf of the BCCA on specific national committees, government agencies, external health related agencies, WSBC, members of industry and other bodies as delegated and assigned by the Board
  • Primary liaison with external service providers including legal counsel and auditor
  • Acts as an ambassador for the BCCA and the profession as delegated and assigned by the Board

Opportunities and Challenges

  • The ED has the opportunity to participate and support national chiropractic activities such as leadership summits and national conventions.
  • The successful candidate has the challenge of working to be seen as a trusted partner and ally by the membership while recognizing that there will be issues of contention among the membership, and the BCCA must at times take positions with which not all members will agree.

First Year Deliverables / Measures of Success   

Success in the first year will be determined by the candidate’s ability to:

  • Establish relationships and be seen as a trusted advisor to the staff, Board, government, public, and profession as a whole; and
  • Create and maintain high quality member relations, programs, activities, education, and information initiatives.

Candidate Profile

The successful candidate will have the following:


  •   Post-secondary education is required; and
  •   Preference for a graduate degree in a field such as Business or Public Administration.


  • Experience working a leadership role of a regulatory and/or not-for-profit organization;
  • Proven ability to drive improvements, organize, and act as a senior leader coupled with an established reputation for delivering results;
  • Extensive and diversified business administration experience;
  • Understanding of governance, Board/ED relations, and working with a
    member driven and/or multiple stakeholder organization;
  • An understanding of the role government plays as a key stakeholder;
  • Proven managing organizational transition and culture in an evolving business environment;
  • Experience in Accounting and Finance, Governance, Risk Management, Legal, Human Resources, Organizational Growth, and Technology;
  • A focus on adding and creating value; a leader with proven ability to work with and influence groups and associations toward achievement of a common goal; and
  • Demonstrated effectiveness in the development and implementation of an integrated approach to strategic planning, performance measurement and management, business planning, and budgeting.

Competencies & Attributes:

Broad understanding of business functions, including administration, finance and accounting, communications, human resources, safety, risk management, marketing, quality assurance, and stakeholder relations is required;

  • Creates and maintains a positive working environment, building a culture of trust, respect and professionalism
  • Political savviness with demonstrated expertise in building and enhancing relationships with a broad group of stakeholders and professionals;
  • Demonstrated ability to deal effectively with conflict in a diplomatic and professional manner; maintains dignity and respect during conversations; empathetic leader who leads by example;
  • Articulate communicator with excellent written and verbal, communication, presentation, and facilitation skills, able to appropriately communicate complex issues in a simple and understandable manner that is accessible to diverse stakeholder groups;
  • Assimilates information quickly, act with clarity and deal with uncertainties in a businesslike and efficient manner
  • Exceptional organizational abilities, sound judgment, common sense, and the ability to maintain confidentiality and diplomacy;
  • Ability to multitask in a fast paced and dynamic setting while maintaining sight of all competing priorities;
  • Strong interpersonal skills built on a foundation of integrity, patience and emotional intelligence;
  • A passionate role model and advocate who works to engage the team, harnessing their passion and commitment to the mission, vision, and values of the organization; and
  • Typifies professional standards and practice; impeccable character and personal values, coupled with ambition and drive.

Contact Information

British Columbia Chiropractic Association
Clifford Thai
Posting Date: 28-Aug-2017Other Permanent, Full-Time Open 1 ASAP
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