8 Important Qualities of a Successful Insurance Agent

Oct 5, 2018

Oct 5, 2018

You will find there are numerous benefits to starting a career in the insurance industry. This is especially true if you like the perks that come along with this type of career. Flexible hours, the ability to make a lucrative income, and the freedom to work independently are only three of the benefits these professionals enjoy.

But before you decide to change your career path, there are a few essential things you should know. This career requires a certain type of person to be successful in this job. A successful insurance agent must have what it takes to perform well in this fast-paced and unstructured work environment.

Let's take a look at eight traits the most successful insurance agents have in common.

1. Self-motivated

Unlike some careers, individuals who take this job must be self-motivated to be a successful insurance agent. There most likely won't be someone telling you what, when, or where to show up, leaving you to arrange your own day. There are many things to be done in the process of finding your own leads, turning them to customers, and closing the sale.

It is also important to note that the standard 9 to 5 hours don't apply to the daily grind of this position. You must be willing to go in early and stay late on a consistent basis, if necessary to get the job done. To stay on track and avoid losing sight of your own goals and objectives, you'll need to motivate yourself to keep going.

2. Excellent Communicator

If you want to learn how to sell life insurance successfully, you must strive to be the best insurance agent in the business. Being a good communicator is one of the top characteristics you should develop. Because insurance is a difficult topic for many people to understand, you'll need to know how to break down your message into easy to understand, digestible pieces.

Quality communication is a necessity for those who want to be a successful insurance agent, helping you be more effective in getting the message across, so people will want to buy an insurance policy from you. With exceptional communication skills, you will have a chance to explain what the insured is getting, why it is needed at that time, and how it can be beneficial to their family's financial future.

3. Passion for the Business

To be a successful insurance agent, you must have a passion for your work and the products you sell. Without it, you'll find it difficult to follow up on leads and turn those leads into willing buyers. Most people can spot authenticity when they see it, so trying to fake it will prove to be unsuccessful.

The more enthusiasm and pure, untainted interest you can share with those who you service, the better your chances are of being effective in your work and achieving the success you seek. A sincere passion for what you do and what you offer will increase your sales, profits, and provide the potential to make much more in the future.

4. Problem Solver

The best insurance agents in this industry are good problem solvers. You must be good at coming up with innovative and creative solutions to get what you and your clients want and need. A huge part of the insurance agent's job is assisting their clients and prospects with finding the right policies that will fit their specific needs.

If you really enjoy helping others find what they need, this may be the right career path for you. If you feel a great sense of achievement or accomplishment when you have found solutions that really work best for the situation, solving these puzzles will be the best part of your day. Making it about the customer and doing what is best for them will help you on your path toward being a successful insurance agent.

5. Be Honest

When learning about how to sell life insurance successfully, you'll find it isn't like your typical pushy salesman job. The best insurance agents won't fudge on the information when they are relaying it to a customer for a sale. It's easy to feel like a larger policy will be better since it will add a bit more to your wallet, but it's important to be mindful of the actual needs at hand.

You must be honest about what you are relaying to your clients and prospects regarding their insurance. If not, you carry the risk of being dubbed as an unethical insurance agent, being followed by negative reviews and a poor reputation. It is only by giving your clients all the information in a clear, honest way that wins them over, leaving you with lifelong customers.

6. Good Listener

If you want to learn how to sell life insurance successfully, you must learn how to listen to people. As one of the key essentials to being a good insurance agent, you may spend the majority of your time listening to what others are saying about their situation so you can respond appropriately.

Good listeners are much more likely to hear the facts within the problems, so they can meet the need and design the best policy for the client. If a customer is looking for an affordable life insurance policy for their elderly parents, you must be able to demonstrate your joint interest in finding the best insurance product for the amount they can afford.

The stereotypical salesperson who talks the majority of time to get a quick sale will not work in this industry. This is especially the case for the good insurance agent who knows what it means to secure the business, while also branding yourself as the go-to person for any future insurance needs.

7. Exceptional Networking Skills

If you are the type of person who likes to sit behind a desk and work solo most of the day, you may want to rethink starting a career as an insurance agent. While you may spend quite a bit of time catching up on your paperwork and performing other office related duties, this will be a small part of the package that comes along with being a good insurance agent.

Aside from the regular day-to-day tasks, you must be able to create a large network of people who can assist with the things you need. Because these same groups of people may expect something in return, you must be able to play the game of give-and-take so it is a win-win for all involved. Whatever the situation, your network of contacts will help you to discover leads, assist in growing your business, and can also send potential referrals your way.

8. Love of Learning

If you want to learn how to sell life insurance successfully, you won't be able to take a few one-time classes to get started in the industry and be good for life. Instead, you will find that the insurance industry consists of an ever-changing market, which is made up of a wide variety of different variables. It is important you set the bar high for yourself to always be learning and staying up-to-date with the most recent insurance policies, local trends, and state regulations.

To be good at what you do, you must become proficient in each unique aspect of the business that will have an effect on your performance and future customers. From learning the tax implications of investing a qualified financial portfolio to learning what is trending in the insurance industry, your love for learning will help push you further in your quest to succeed.

As you strive to learn something new every day, you'll become a more successful insurance agent. A professional soccer player named Pele once said, "Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do."

Do You Have The Qualities to Be a Successful Insurance Agent?

Although a career as an insurance agent has many different perks and benefits, it is also a career requiring a special set of qualities and skills. For an individual to be a successful insurance agent, they must be self-motivated and carry a genuine passion for the business. With good communication skills, a love of learning, and talents for solving problems, you'll be able to master how to sell life insurance successfully.

Before anyone heads down this career path to pursue a job in this industry, it is essential they know what traits will be required. Since these professionals must be able to get their tasks done by networking with others, building a large following and external team will play a vital role in ensuring their success.

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