Top 5 Cover Letter Tips for Medical Professionals to Land You the Job

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Oct 9, 2018

Oct 9, 2018 • by Rebecca Smith

For a job sector that has such high need and high projected growth, it sure is hard to get a medical field job. There are strict requirements with legal policy and people request experience with programs you've never heard of.

What can you do to get the job, even if there are some gaps in your resume? What can you do to stand out from the other applicants? You write good cover letters.

Cover letters are a supplement to your resume, but you shouldn't think of it as optional. If you want a job badly enough, you'll take the time to write every letter.

What do they need to include and avoid? Learn that below.

Good Cover Letters for The Medical Field

It's rare that a cover letter stands out from the crowd because most people write one and only ever change the recipient. Don't be that person!

You can use the same format, but each cover letter should read at least 40% differently than your others. Want to know more? Here are our tips.

1. Personalize It

Like we talked about above, when you're applying to a specific job, you need to mention it in your cover letter. We mean more than copying and pasting in "ABC Company" over the last one.

You need to describe why you're a good fit for this particular opportunity, at this particular clinic.

For example, "I believe I'd be a good fit at Robertson Cancer Care Clinic because I did my internship working with St. Jude." You need to add details that help them envision you fulfilling the position.

2. Address Gaps

Are there places you don't feel strong in your resume or do you not have one of the many qualifications? Don't skip over it and hope they don't notice. That will seem shady and tricky.

You can flat out say, "I don't have experience with X, but I'm willing to learn on my own time," or something like that. By being honest about it, you're showing them what kind of employee you'll be.

3. Don't Repeat Your Resume

When you send a cover letter, it's about how your experience makes you a good fit. Not what your experience is. They already know you used to work at ABC Clinic, now tell them what you learned there in the cover letter.

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4. Find the Right Person

If you're applying to a big health company, call and ask for the HR or recruiting department. When you get someone on the phone, ask who the right person is to address a cover letter to.

Naming the right name is a personal touch that many people don't think of.

5. Come off Positive

You want your cover letter to sound like you - and hopefully, that means excited about the job. Don't be afraid to convey your interest in the position - but don't beg or plead.

Keep It Short

In the end, your cover letter should be three paragraphs. A short one about who you are, one about your experience, and the third about why you'd be a good fit.

You can find plenty of examples online that help you figure out what to say. Try a few different wordings and you'll find good cover letters just come to you in the future!

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