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The Canadian Society of Association Executives (CSAE) is Canada’s premiere association advocate. It provides tools, resources, and education to help association professionals and volunteers succeed. From this success, Canadian associations will continue to grow and excel in pursuit of their goals.

The CSAE creates and maintains a valuable environment for its members. It provides knowledge and resources to anyone in the association sector. By doing so, CSAE seeks to strengthen and enrich Canadian not-for-profits. For example, the BoardREADY Card Deck is available to help association boards. Whether you are a member or not, your board meetings can be more productive. The CSAE BoardREADY Card Deck maximizes efficiency, increases engagement, and reveals new options.

Canadian Society of Association Executives Networks

Spearheading local CSAE membership initiatives and communications are seven Networks. Each Network -- British ColumbiaAlbertaManitobaTrilliumOttawa-GatineauQuébec, and Atlantic -- directs their own functions and resources within the overall CSAE mandate. The ability to network and access education locally is key to associations in those areas.

CSAE Membership and Association Executives

CSAE membership delivers value to the not-for-profit and association executives in the sector. Businesses servicing the association sector also benefit from membership.

Business Membership

CSAE business membership exists for individuals and organizations that support the not-for-profit sector. These members bolster and deliver services to associations across the sector. They provide vital advantages many of our executive members and others rely on.

Business members can access our network of association and not-for-profit members. CSAE events (including the CSAE National Conference) offer critical chances to learn from and meet peers. And don’t overlook our membership directory’s value.

Executive Membership

Not-for-profit volunteer members and staff alike can enjoy the benefits of CSAE executive membership.




Membership resources include events, publications, discounts, and employee referrals. See the CSAE Membership Benefits page for full details.

CSAE’s Certified Association Executive (CAE®) program provides a globally recognized designation to members. This prestigious designation indicates you have earned highly regarded skills and are an effective team member.

Not-for-Profit Volunteer and Non-Member Stakeholders

Beyond membership, CSAE also recognizes the needs and importance of stakeholders without current membership. We understand that good ideas and innovation benefit from an outsider’s perspective. Such stakeholders have the potential to help the association sector grow and improve.

The Canadian Society of Association Executives’ for-pay and free resources offer extensive value to all stakeholders (members and otherwise.) We combine expert knowledge and experience with tools and other assistance association members value.

The CAE® competencies also offer value beyond membership. The organizational, management, and similar skills the competencies provide extend to non-member stakeholders, too. Not-for-profit volunteers, small business owners, and more can find something to suit their needs.

CSAE National Conference & Events





The annual CSAE National Conference is the sector’s greatest networking event. Each year offers new and exciting occasions to learn, mingle, and share peer experiences.

Visit the CSAE National Conference page for details regarding what this event offers.


Additional CSAE Events

Our National Conference is a highly anticipated event, but not our only one. We present effective seminars, webinars, forums, symposiums, and the like year-round. Whether hosted nationally or by CSAE Networks, these events are ideal chances for networking and insight. See our events calendar for times and details.



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