Chief Executive Officer

About the Organization

CreateTO was established in 2018 by the City of Toronto to manage its real estate portfolio, which, with 8,000+ properties, is one of the most expansive, diverse, and valuable real estate portfolios in North America. CreateTO manages the City’s $27 billion real estate portfolio, develops City buildings and lands for municipal purposes and delivers client-focused real estate solutions to City divisions, agencies, and corporations. A catalyst in the space, CreateTO works collaboratively with City stakeholders, external partners, and community members to develop real estate solutions that are innovative in their approach and effective in their design and delivery – creating more livable, sustainable and inclusive communities. As the Organization’s new CEO, you will play a pivotal role in supporting and driving CreateTO’s ability to make Toronto a better place to live, work, and play.

About the Role

Reporting to the Board of Directors of CreateTO, you will be accountable for creating and executing a vision, strategy, and business plan consistent with the purpose of CreateTO and aligned with the policy direction of Toronto City Council. Accountable for the overall leadership, management, and functioning of CreateTO, you will develop and lead a service-driven culture that is focused on city-building, enabling City program solutions, and cost-effective program delivery. You will be responsible for real estate asset stewardship and strategic optimization.

Working closely with the Board of Directors, the Corporate Real Estate Management (CREM) division (among other City divisions), and demonstrating best practices in corporate and public sector governance, you will be responsible for the following core functions:

  • Leadership
    • Develop and manage a positive, productive relationship with City Council, executive management (e.g., City Manager, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Corporate Officer, and other executive leaders), City staff and broader constituents, including stakeholders, partners, industry leaders, and all orders of government.
    • Lead the development and execution of short- and long-range business change and transformation with the City of Toronto partners, consistent with an approved strategy.
    • Lead the oversight and management of financial (both operating and capital), human resources, and organizational performance, in the short and long term.
    • Assess, mitigate, and manage the corporate and operational risks of the business.
    • Ensure an appropriate performance management framework place to build and maintain a results-oriented culture.
  • Organizational Capacity
    • As a team builder, ensure the development and implementation of talent management, professional development, and succession plan strategies.
    • Create a healthy, innovative, organizational environment and value system to maximize the Organization’s productivity, brand, and positive reputation.
    • Drive a culture of continuous improvement by identifying opportunities to implement emerging industry practices, and lead change management of business models, technology, and organizational design.
    • Create and maintain an organizational work environment and culture that expects and demands that all work be conducted with the highest degree of ethical practices and behaviour.
  • Reputation and Stakeholder Management
    • Build relationships and establish credibility with partners and stakeholders, draw on proven experience in leading negotiations with top government officials, senior real estate industry leaders, and communities.
    • Attain stakeholder confidence by building proven capacity and expertise in real estate transaction excellence.
    • Assist the executive management team in cultivating relationships with financial institutions, other orders of government, developers, pension funds, and other industry stakeholders.
    • Act as the spokesperson for the Organization in affairs with stakeholders and the media.
  • Executing Strategic Projects
    • Deliver large strategic real estate and facilities projects, including major capital construction projects and urban regeneration.
    • Oversee and recommend appropriate transactions and agreements (e.g., joint ventures, public-private partnerships, AFPs, etc.) that further City Council's goals and objectives (e.g., Housing Now), and embrace public sector procurement guidelines and property disposal policies for consideration by the Board of Directors.
    • Execute complicated real estate transactions, while embracing public sector policies, processes, and guidelines (e.g., procurement, finance, governance, open transparency, etc.) to achieve best value for the City.
    • Ensure financial oversight, controls and risk management activities are in place with strategic projects to ensure CreateTO and the City of Toronto are adequately protected.


To be considered for the role of Chief Executive Officer, you are a strategic executive leader (visionary) who understands the importance of city building as well as the demands of operating a values-driven and industry-based enterprise within the public sector, and who possesses an optimal combination of the following:

  • Prior experience as CEO of an organization/entity, or extensive executive leadership experience in a public, private or hybrid organization, including a proven record of productive working relationships with key stakeholders.
  • Demonstrated ability to manage an organization with over 65 employees and a multi-disciplinary management group of diverse subject matter experts.
  • In-depth understanding of real estate portfolio management, major capital project delivery, and establishing business partnerships, and a comprehensive understanding of the relationship between the City government’s policy-setting role and the role of an agency.
  • A proven record of executive accountability and the highest ethical behaviour.
  • Reputation as a business leader with a wide network and a track record of success in team building, organizational change, business transformation and leading a large division or corporation.
  • Board experience, either as a Director of a Board or reporting to a Board of Directors.
  • University degree in a relevant field and exposure to a wide range of real estate and city-building projects and activities.
  • Graduate degree or designation would be an asset.

Knowledge and Skills

To be successful in the role of Chief Executive Officer, you will also have:

  • Knowledge of financial, environmental, and economic issues and risk in a highly complex environment.
  • Strong communication and presentation skills, communicating expertly both internally and externally.
  • Leadership skills in complex social and political environments.
  • Proven ability to influence all levels of management and engage with a range of stakeholders including Board members, City of Toronto Divisions, agencies, and Boards, City of Toronto Councillors, the media, and other stakeholders.
  • Proven capacity to operate in a manner that promotes public confidence and will bear close public scrutiny.

To apply to this key executive position in municipal administration, submit your application to Phelps at, specifying the job title in the subject line of your
e-mail. Application deadline: August 9th, 2021.

401 Bay Street, Suite 1400, Toronto, ON M5H 2Y4
Phone: 416 364 6229