Executive Director

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As the Executive Director (ED), you will serve as the leader responsible for the overall health and performance of the Nurse Practitioners’ Association of Ontario (NPAO). Reporting directly to the Board of Directors, your role encompasses the successful management of organizational operations, strategic planning, and financial stewardship. The role is a strategic and influential leadership position focused on advancing the interests and professional autonomy of Nurse Practitioners (NPs) within the healthcare landscape. As the ED, you will serve as the primary advocate and representative of NPs at community, provincial, and national levels, playing a crucial role in shaping healthcare policy and practices. The ED will play a pivotal role in forging lasting and impactful relationships with key business partners. This entails efforts to bolster the organization’s profitability and strengthen its position through collaborative initiatives and strategic partnerships. This position demands a dynamic leader with a deep understanding of the healthcare sector, exceptional advocacy skills, and the ability to establish long-term relationships that advance the NP profession. You will be responsible for achieving NPAO’s organizational goals, managing resources effectively, and ensuring the voice of the membership is heard and acted upon. The role also involves financial management, stakeholder engagement, member growth, and a commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive environment. As the face of NPAO, you will champion the profession, drive positive change, and lead efforts to enhance the professional development and recognition of Nurse Practitioners across Ontario.