Executive Director

THE ORGANIZATION:   British Columbia’s Naturopathic Doctors
The BCND (British Columbia Naturopathic Doctors) is the professional association that represents more than 700 licensed naturopathic physicians in BC. The association supports the interests of naturopathic doctors (NDs) through increasing public awareness of the profession, developing effective government relations programs, and providing continuing education opportunities to its members. The BCND seeks to advocate on behalf of members in collaboration with its government, community, and industry partners, thereby enhancing both the practice of naturopathic doctors and the fulfillment of their responsibility to their patients.

BCND’s goal is to promote a social, economic, and political climate in which members can provide the citizens of British Columbia with the highest standard of naturopathic health care, while achieving maximum professional satisfaction and fair primary care options.

We pride ourselves on continuing to advocate for a fair health care system for all residents of British Columbia.

To learn more, please visit BCND’s website.

Responsible for all operations and communications of the association, the Executive Director is the chief representative and strategic leader of the organization, and will act as liaison with, and on behalf of, the BCND Board of Directors and BCND members. The successful Executive Director will bring a collaborative approach to relations with key industry partners including similar professional associations, government, and community stakeholders.

This role oversees the operations of the administrative office and managing a small team to ensure the BCND’s mandate is being met on an ongoing basis and is adapting to change as needed. Taking direction from the BCND Board of Directors, the Executive Director is an advocate of the profession, developing programs and initiatives that enhance and secure the association's financial resources and professional identity. The Executive Director oversees membership engagement and growth, and acts as a bastion of governance continuity for the BCND, guiding and facilitating stakeholder and government relations, providing strategic leadership to the Board of Directors, and supporting the onboarding of new directors.

Areas of Responsibility:
Organizational Leadership & Administration      

  • Supports the membership and elected BCND Board of Directors to further the association's multiple, diverse, and dynamic goals and agendas;
  • Oversees a small administrative team, providing leadership and human resources support;
  • In collaboration with the Board of Directors, committees, and other stakeholders, contributes to and maintains a strategic, unbiased, perspective in organizational direction, programs, and services;
  • Acts as unbiased internal consultant to determine organizational priorities and goals;
  • Uses the BCND constitution and bylaws as a guideline for daily routines and association protocol;
  • Participates in developing and administering policies and practices to ensure the integrity of the BCND and compliance with relevant legislation and regulations;
  • Coordinates and assists in arranging Board of Director, committee, and other stakeholder conference calls and meetings;
  • Facilitates, when necessary, the duties that must be carried out by Officers;
  • Distributes items, occasionally promptly, to the general membership electronically and manually, as required by the Board of Directors;
  • Keeps abreast of topical health information related to the profession and informs the Board of Directors when appropriate;
  • Actively liaises with the membership and contracted personnel, and brings forward advocacy issues for Board of Director discussions and deliberations;
  • Deals with queries and requests from the membership and refers doctors to appropriate individual/agency as required.

Government, Stakeholder, and Media Relations

  • Participates in interdisciplinary collaboration opportunities;
  • Attend meetings as required to facilitate effective working relationships with industry stakeholders and government;
  • Works to enhance BCND’s marketing and public profile, engaging media partners to promote key messaging;
  • Disseminates governmental documents, reports, and shares relevant information with Board of Directors and/or the membership when appropriate;
  • Manages PR; collaborates with public and governmental affairs consultants to manage issues;
  • In conjunction with the Board of Directors, leads the development and implementation of communication efforts interprofessionally and with industry partners.

Continuing Education

  • Under the direction of the Board of Directors and/or Conference Committee, facilitates the hosting of conferences, including, but not limited to the Annual General Meeting (AGM), province-wide townhalls, the Advancing Naturopathic Medicine (ANM) conference and Special General Meetings (SGMs) as necessary;
  • Tours venues to assess suitability for BCND events;
  • Negotiates contracts and bookings with conference sites and hotels;
  • Contacts, builds relationships with, and negotiates contracts with potential speakers for conferences;
  • Engages and solicits exhibitor support (e.g. Nutraceutical/Orthomolecular Corporations, Venue Management, Event Planners etc.) Facilitates venue logistic procedures for exhibitors;
  • Oversees all speaker requests and arrangements, including travel, accommodation, incidentals, onsite audio-video, remuneration, speaker gifts, and other issues;
  • Coordinates a theme with designers and printers for conferences;
  • Oversees the delegation of exhibitor and delegate processing and confirmation;
  • Ensures sponsorships are fulfilled (e.g., promotional items, speaker events, etc.);
  • Creates and follows through with catering requests;
  • Collates feedback;
  • Attends association conferences as required.

Writing and Editing

  • Writes, collates, and/or edits BCND written communications, including internal documents, press releases, and membership newsletter;
  • Compiles, inputs, edits, designs, coordinates printing and distributes a quarterly BCND membership newsletter;
  • Oversees the solicitation and ongoing relationship with newsletter advertisers;
  • Compiles, inputs, edits, designs, and distributes a quarterly BCND public newsletter;
  • Prepares, collates, and forwards correspondence for Directors and/or the BCND on relevant issues regarding scope, legislation, and other pertinent professional matters;
  • Collates and edits conference programs;
  • Oversees, facilitates, and regularly updates website content.


  • In support of the treasurer and in liaison with the bookkeeper and/or accountant, ensures budgets are managed appropriately;
  • Develops short and long term financial plans and budgets for the organization, including monitoring progress, assuring adherence to plans and evaluating performance and outcomes;
  • Seeks to secure and improve association financial resources;
  • Oversees all financial obligations regarding conferences (e.g., including sponsorships, promotional items, delegate registrations, exhibitor registrations, transfers to speakers, venue, hotel, catering, audio-video, suppliers, transit etc.);
  • Ensures that income streams for conferences, advertising, and other items are differentiated from BCND/CAND dues collection;
  • Oversees and ensures that all financial transactions are coded appropriately both for income and expenses.

The ED should be a visionary leader who will expand on the existing foundation of BCND, managing and improving all programs and resources to enhance member experience and the organization’s mandate. Possessing an inclusive and collaborative leadership style, the ED builds engagement by creating a team environment, leveraging the expertise and strength that exists across the sector. The ED should be skilled as a speaker, advocate, and connector, with the ability to promote BCND with grace, tenacity, and empathy.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
The ideal candidate will possess the following qualifications and experience:

  • Government relations, public relations and healthcare written and verbal communications experience;
  • Superior judgment and strategic thinking skills, and the ability to communicate a balanced, unbiased, perspective on complex issues;
  • Ability to manage multiple, dynamic ongoing long term and short term goals and tasks effectively;
  • Commitment to advancing the interests of the profession;
  • In-depth knowledge of non-profit and association structures;
  • Ability to develop positive working relationships with stakeholders, government officials, elected representatives, and staff;
  • Strong leadership skills to help build and sustain a dynamic team, and assess, prioritize, and advance complex issues;
  • Customer service orientation and experience necessary to sustain a positive member experience;
  • Ability to work independently, set priorities and meet multiple deadlines;
  • Strong interpersonal skills; tact and diplomacy;
  • Proficiency with the Microsoft Office Suite, Slack, Shared Google Documents, and other specialized organization administrative tools and/or computer applications that can be learned and/or utilized on demand to enhance communication and editing logistics.

Ideal Qualifications

  • A University degree in a relevant subject (public policy, social sciences, public or business administration, accounting, project management, or other related disciplines) with a master’s degree preferred; and
  • Previous experience in a role requiring public speaking and advocacy efforts.

Competencies and Personal Characteristics:      
Leadership –
Achieves desired organizational results by encouraging and supporting the contribution of others; a proactive and positive team player who acts with a sense of urgency and leads by example; sets and communicates clear goals.   
Accountable – Holds self and others accountable for responsibilities; focuses on results and measuring attainment of outcomes in a business focus.    
Strategic – Develops a plan in support of organizational strategic direction. Demonstrates an understanding of the link between one’s job responsibilities and overall organizational goals.           
Integrity and Honesty – Demonstrates a resolute commitment to and respect for the spirit behind the rules and core values of the organization, setting an example of professionalism and ethical propriety.   
Influential and Collaborative – Has an open and consistent approach to working with others and possesses strong interpersonal skills, with the ability to build relationships and develop/maintain partnerships, obtaining stakeholder agreement.        
Creativity and Innovation – Develops new insights into situations; questions conventional approaches; encourages new ideas ; designs and implements new or cutting edge programs/processes.             
Effective Working Relationships – Treats colleagues, and stakeholders with respect; resolves conflicts in a timely manner, negotiates effectively, and provides effective feedback to colleagues/employees.
Communication – Clearly presents written and verbal information; writes with clarity and purpose; communicates effectively in both positive and negative circumstances; listens well.          
People Development – Fosters learning and development of others through coaching, managing performance and mentoring; has a genuine desire to develop others and help them succeed; formally and informally recognizes deserving staff and colleagues.       
Stakeholder Focused – Anticipates and attends to the needs of internal and external stakeholders of the organization; keeps stakeholder interests in the forefront.

A competitive compensation package will be provided including an attractive base salary of $100K-$140K and excellent benefits. Further details will be discussed in a personal interview.

To apply, please visit our website.

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