President and Chief Executive Officer

President and Chief Executive Officer

Catholic Health Sponsors of Ontario and 

Catholic Congregational Legacy Charity 


Catholic Health Sponsors of Ontario (CHSO) was formed in 1998 as a Pontifical Public Juridic Person to assume responsibility for the sponsorship of health care organizations originally established by seven congregations of religious sisters. Today, CHSO provides sponsorship to 22 organizations across Ontario.


CHSO member organizations continue to prioritize serving people who experience disadvantage and marginalization and those most in need. Catholic health and social services are guided by a profound respect for human dignity and a mission to serve. As sponsor, CHSO ensures that organizations fulfill Jesus’ healing ministry, demonstrate the unique value of Catholic health care, and live up to the legacy of the Founding Sisters. We are engaged, enabled and committed to living our vision, mission and values.


The Catholic Congregational Legacy Charity (CCLC) was established in response to requests from congregations to support their legacy planning as one mechanism to safeguard stable patrimony and to use these assets to support current and new Catholic works and ministries. CCLC’s purpose is to ensure resources and financial ability for health care, social housing and community programs to promote health and relieve poverty. CCLC will be an important vehicle to help CHSO achieve its strategic goals and the two organizations operate in tandem. CCLC is one of the registered charitable organizations through which CHSO carries out its mission.


CHSO and CCLC are in search of a visionary leader to assume the role of President and CEO for both entities to oversee all strategic, operational and asset management, strengthening Catholic health care, housing and social services and stewarding the mission and strategic priorities based on the visioning and priority-setting work of the respective Boards of Directors. To ensure that the principles and values of Catholic health care and social services are embedded within the system and that the Catholic identity of CHSO-sponsored organizations is maintained, the CEO fosters relationships with the administrative and board leadership of CHSO-sponsored organizations, congregational leaders, bishops, and other key participants in the CHSO community. Adept at orchestrating teams and demonstrating expertise in fiscal management, the next leader will collaborate effectively with diverse partners to implement strategic initiatives and work with fiduciaries who are fervently dedicated to the success of CHSO and CCLC.

With an impeccable reputation and dossier of professional achievement, the preferred candidate is a seasoned leader with substantial senior-level executive experience in health, education, or social service administration, and a previous familiarity with provincial non-profit organizations is essential. Senior-level financial management experience and working exposure with governance bodies are desirable attributes. The CEO should have a comprehensive knowledge of the Catholic Church's healing ministry and ethical and social justice teachings, sponsorship and reserved powers, and recognize the significance of Catholic values in both governance and operations. A Master’s Degree or equivalent is preferred and being certified in Catholic Health Leadership alongside certification by the Canadian College of Health Leaders would be assets. 

To apply for this exceptional opportunity, please submit your application and related materials to Jim Stonehouse, Partner or Pamela Colquhoun, Partner via Kathy Luu, Senior Associate