General Manager and CEO

Reporting to the Deputy Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport and the Board of Commissioners, the General Manager and CEO is the most senior administrative official of the Commission. The CEO provides executive leadership in the areas of policy development, program delivery, community relations, and strategic direction and planning. The CEO coordinates Commission tourism in accordance with provincial policy, the regional tourism industry, and market demand to ensure visitor attraction and satisfaction, revenue generation and economic stimulation. The CEO develops and implements strategies, builds partnerships, and facilitates quality service delivery with the goal of moving the Commission towards greater financial sustainability.

As the ideal candidate, you are a values based leader who can develop, articulate and deliver a focused and compelling direction for the Commission that is embraced and valued by staff and stakeholders. You are a strategic business developer who can grow programs and revenues through market analysis, strategic planning and a commitment to quality service delivery. You are an inclusive manager who sets a high bar for organizational performance, creates effective teams, and excels at fostering a positive and respectful workplace culture. You possess sound financial management skills and have experience managing budgets. You are an experienced administrator who is comfortable operating an agency in line with government policy and working with a Board of Commissioners. You possess strong political acuity and work well with stakeholders and partners.