Reporting to the Board, the President is looked upon to provide strategic direction, leadership and proper administration of the organization to ensure that BOMA BC’s financial, HR and operating plans and activities achieve the strategic priorities as approved by the Board. The President will recommend, participate in formulation, and implementation of policies, procedures & programs to support BOMA BC’s Mission and Goals. Between the Board and the staff of 5 is the role of the President whose mandate is to ensure both sides are moving in the same direction while also taking into consideration the needs of the members, the government bodies, other BOMA chapters as well as the commercial building industry overall. The ability to anticipate and develop forward-looking programming and productive growth of BOMA BC will be key to success. Finally, in collaboration with the Board, the President will also represent BOMA BC on local, national and international issues affecting the commercial building industry. 

BOMA BC is looking for an experienced leader who can deliver on promises while creating a high performing organization/division. In your career, you have had exposure to Associations, working with non-profits and/or ideally are a member of BOMA BC. You have proven your ability to bring people with divergent views together with the goal of meeting the needs of your key customer base. Ideally, you have worked with a board, understand board governance and have skillsets needed to work in an environment with significant government affairs at all levels. You are experienced in motivating staff and aligning their work with the future needs of the business. You are a problem solver and a change leader who welcomes input but will make the decisions when decisions need to be made. You understand how technology can help create efficiencies and how the use of various communication mediums is critical to advancing the work of an organization. You lead with integrity and have a personal interest in the commercial building industry coupled with doing what’s right for the public.

If this sounds like a role you would thrive in, please submit your resume and cover letter, in confidence, online at To learn more about the role, please contact Kataneh Sherkat at 604.443.3717 or Lynn Armstrong of WMC at 604.443.3739.