Manager, Strategic Communications

Reporting to the Director, Member Engagement and Public Affairs, the Manager, Strategic Communications has accountability for the development and successful execution of strategic marketing and communication strategies to advance the OCFP’s vision and strategic plan. This includes creating and implementing comprehensive programs and campaigns that strengthen the value proposition to our membership and the OCFP brand. The Manager will also oversee the development of digital strategies to engage members and external partners in the OCFP’s programs and services, as well as manage media relations activities for the organization.


Key Responsibilities:

Strategic Communications

  • Develop and implement effective marketing and communication strategies that support the achievement of the OCFP’s strategic plan, such as promoting the OCFP awards program and developing organizational collateral showcasing the programs and services to membership.

  • Working closely with the Officer of Marketing and Communications, oversee the development and planning of an innovative digital media strategy and related activities (e.g., website, monthly newsletter) that maximize member engagement, and build the OCFP’s profile and understanding of the supports available. 

  • Through ongoing liaison with the Policy Advisor, support the development of communications to ensure members are kept abreast of key policy issues that affect family medicine and primary care.

  • Working closely with the Member Engagement Specialist, act as a resource as required to advance activities, including outputs from relevant Committees (Early Years in Practice, Residents, Awards) and planning and implementation of the annual awards program

  • Work with key stakeholders on applicable cross-promotional activity to broaden awareness of announcements and initiatives that will enhance clinical practice for members.

  • Manage media inquiries and proactive campaigns (e.g., OCFP awards program), and develop and implement appropriate issues management and crisis communications plans as required.

  • Provide communication counsel to OCFP representatives, as required, including the CEO and Board of Directors.

  • Support the development of presentations and materials as required for relevant Board and operational committees, as well as remarks for key OCFP representatives at relevant events such as the Annual Scientific Assembly.


  • Provide leadership to the broader OCFP team to ensure integrated and comprehensive strategies to increase value to members.

  • Collaborate with the Policy Advisor and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) teamto ensure awareness of emerging issues affecting communication strategies and member information needs.

  • Foster a positive supportive and collaborative team approach to ensure a healthy and productive working environment.

  • Establish individual performance plan(s), monitor success, and provide regular feedback.

  • Provide ongoing coaching and development to direct report(s) and implement practices that increase employee engagement and commitment.

  • Demonstrate OCFP’s core competencies.

 Operations and Financial Management

  • Working with the Director, develop and monitor budget objectives subject to review from Finance and the CEO.

  • Working with the Director, ensure all systems, technology and resources required are in place to organize and achieve objectives.

  • Ensure streamlined processes in the department to improve efficiency and effective use of resources.

  • Support the implementation of department and organizational standards.


 Reporting Relationships:

  • 1 direct report


Required Qualifications:

  • University degree in Political Science, Marketing, Communications, Public Relations, or related field (Master's level preferred).

  • At least seven (7) years’ experience working in public affairs or strategic communications in health care or related field.

  • Strong understanding of the latest strategies and best practices related to marketing and communications to increase member engagement.

  • Demonstrated knowledge of current issues and policy affecting family physicians and primary care in Ontario.

  • Demonstrated ability to analyze emerging issues and develop recommendations, integrated outreach programs and strategic communications plan in response.

  • Excellent interpersonal skills, with strong written and verbal communication abilities, and demonstrated capacity to work effectively with all levels.

  • Proven success in developing strong and collaborative teams by demonstrating a positive, proactive and engaging leadership style.

  • Ability to build and maintain strong collaborative relationships with colleagues, members, partners and stakeholder organizations to support the achievement of organizational goals.

  • Demonstrated ability to work in a fast-paced environment managing multiple projects simultaneously and meeting strict deadlines.

  • Proven project and team management skills.

  • Working knowledge of French is an asset.

  • Ability to travel as required.


Core Competencies:

OCFP’s core competencies are designed to nurture employee engagement through best people practices.  All leaders will demonstrate strength in the following competencies:


Collaboration: Engages constructively with others, to be part of a team, to work together, as opposed to working separately or competitively. Promotes a positive climate, resolves conflict and creates alignment within and across internal and/or external groups.


Impact and Influence: Advocates, motivates, persuades, convinces, or influences others to gain their support and commitment. Effectively gains support by drawing the attention of others to an important issue, and directing decision makers towards a solution.

Organizational Awareness: Understands the key relationships, diverse interest groups and power bases within the organization and in the wider community.


Planning, Coordination, and Execution: Plans and coordinates work, effectively manages resources, prioritizes steps to be taken, anticipates potential issues/barriers, and develops contingency plans to address these, execute individual and team activities in a way that ensures the achievement of a set of objectives. Achieves desired results on a consistent basis despite having to deal with unpredictable or unexpected circumstances.


Service & Quality Orientation: Demonstrates a desire to provide quality results by focusing efforts on discovering the needs of customers and stakeholders, and meeting these needs.  Ensures quality in the delivery of services, and complies with existing rules, regulations, and legislation. Monitors service information by insisting on clarity of roles and expectations, and setting up and maintaining systems that enhance quality and maximize efficiencies.


Developing Others: Fosters the long-term learning or development of others through coaching, managing performance and mentoring. Achieves higher level goals and develops new skills/competencies. Driven by a genuine desire to develop and empower others, rather than simply a need to transfer skills to complete tasks.


Holding Self and Others Accountable: Positions the organization for success by establishing appropriate levels of responsibility. Holds self and others accountable to deliver the agreed upon objectives and execute high standards of excellence. Provide clear directions, effectively communicates priorities and expectations and monitors performance.


Visionary Leadership: Inspires others to work toward common goals by providing inspiration, clarity and direction. Effectively focuses team on priorities and provides leadership and support through change. Actively solicits input and inspires the courage to challenge team process, and the commitment to achieve personal, team and organizational goals.


Business Acumen: Understand the business implications of opportunities and decisions. Implements successful business strategies. Maintains awareness of issues, processes, and outcomes as they impact the organization’s strategic direction.


Strategic Orientation: Understands the business implications of decisions and can take a long-term perspective to chart a course that delivers results today and well into the future.


Interpersonal Sensitivity: Understands and responds appropriately to the concerns of others. Practices active listening when interacting with individuals or groups. Demonstrates an ability to reflect on verbal and non-verbal behavior and communicates effectively


Leadership Presence: Develops and maintains a sense of presence and emotional maturity in understanding of one’s own emotions and the impact of one’s behavior on others; demonstrates of resiliency in a range of complex and demanding situations.



All qualified applicants are encouraged to submit their cover letter and resume to by 5:00 pm on Friday, February 16, 2018.