President & Chief Executive Officer


We are seeking an outstanding new President & CEO to partner with our Board and donors as we transform healthcare in Calgary and throughout southern Alberta.

Reporting to the Board of the Trust, and working in close collaboration with Alberta Health Services (AHS) leadership, the President & CEO will be accountable for the overall leadership, executive management, and success of the Trust, and for ensuring its effective and efficient operation.  

The President & CEO will work with the Board to establish and achieve the strategic goals and objectives of the Trust, and provide visionary leadership to the Trust as it moves into a new funding model. This role will also provide innovative leadership and talent management to our professional staff. With oversight for the Trust’s fundraising success, the President & CEO will be responsible for building donor relationships in our community and ensuring the achievement of our financial objectives.

In order to optimize opportunities for success, the President & CEO will have a strong, productive, and positive relationship with AHS, and will work closely and meet regularly with the AHS’s leadership group. The new incumbent will build the Trust’s profile and brand, and will work collaboratively with the AHS leadership team to identify fundraising priorities. The President & CEO will also foster positive relationships and confidence between the Trust and our other community health partners and constituents, including our hospital and care sites, Universities, and other health and community care organizations. 



Calgary Health Trust serves as a catalyst that connects donor passion with treatment, education, and research priorities in the Calgary hospital and medical care community. As the fundraising arm of AHS in greater Calgary, the Trust raises and disburses philanthropic healthcare gifts and other funds across Calgary and the surrounding area.

The Trust was established in 1996 when the Province of Alberta restructured the healthcare system. Philanthropists involved with the Calgary Health Region, and several of Calgary’s hospital foundations, saw the need to coordinate the efforts of the existing healthcare foundations by creating one cohesive organization. Since then, the Trust has raised over $427 million for healthcare.

We transform healthcare in Alberta by funding state-of-the-art technology, innovative programs, research and education. The funds raised by the Trust benefit Foothills Medical Centre, Peter Lougheed Centre, Rockyview General Hospital, South Health Campus, many community health programs and 12 Carewest care centres in the Calgary community.

The Trust’s fundraising efforts are currently focused on three pillars:

  1. Developing world-class care.
  2. Impacting Albertans and their families.
  3. Improving the quality of life for those in our community.

Our over 30 dedicated professionals work closely with AHS and community partners to identify key priorities where philanthropic support will ensure excellence. In addition to our hospitals, health programs, and Carewest centres, our priority needs include:

Trust operations have been funded in part with the support of AHS. Now, the nature of our operations funding model is evolving away from the AHS-funded model, and is entering a new stage in our growth and development. We are seeking to move to a more engaged campaign model, and further our social enterprise options.

We are committed to building strong partnerships with donors, volunteers, and health professionals that are characterized by integrity, accountability, creativity, and results. We believe strongly in matching donor interests with healthcare priorities, ultimately making a difference and improving the quality of life for our community. We believe that every donor has a story, every gift has a vision, and every patient’s life can be changed.

Fundraising at Calgary Health Trust

In the 2017/18 fiscal year, the Trust provided $11.1 million to hospitals and community programs, research initiatives held at the University of Calgary, and a number of other partners who are aligned with our vision to transform healthcare in Alberta.

The Trust is grateful for the thousands of donors, contributors, event attendees, and lottery ticket buyers that support us every year. In fiscal 2017/18, our net revenue was over $26.9 million, which includes $16 million from individual and corporation donations. Net revenues from our lotteries were $8.2 million and from events were $3.2 million.

Our newest fundraising initiative is the “Newborns Need” campaign, now in development. This transformative approach to newborn health across the region seeks to raise $60 million, and has already raised over $34 million in gifts and pledges.

For more information see the following:

Looking forward, our strategic considerations for Fiscal 2019 – in addition to our ongoing committed activities and projects, include the following: 

  • Fiscal Sustainability: Focus on our current and future operations funding to ensure long term sustainability.
  • Broaden our Offerings and Fundraising: Including capacity building in our fundraising activities, such as: an ongoing Door to Door Campaign test; launching the Newborns Need Campaign, and investigating other new campaigns; mobile & staff giving kiosks; and giving clubs such as a Chair’s Circle.
  • Sharpen the CHT Brand to Enhance the Trust’s Profile: Through brand development, a stronger site presence, AHS Staff and Physician Engagement, and the building of a culture of philanthropy.
  • Develop and Acquire Talent: Ensure a strong team through staffing, Board and Council development, and support.



Passionate and driven to transform healthcare, the new President & CEO of the Trust will be a strong leader who inspires staff, volunteers, donors, and partners. Entrepreneurial and innovative, the new incumbent will be excited by big ideas and the opportunity to partner in building the brand of the Trust. The new incumbent will motivate our constituents to join us in empowering transformational change.

As an exceptional strategist who thrives in a complex and political environment, the President & CEO will have a robust leadership and organizational management track record, ideally developed in a health care or similarly intricate organization. The ideal candidate will set a focused direction for the Trust, with clear expectations and measurable metrics for volunteers and staff. The President and CEO will be caring and empathetic with experience supporting a team through change.

The ideal candidate will possess a natural inclination to collaboration and openness to adaptation and change. The successful candidate will develop and sustain strong collegial relationships with physicians, clinicians, and senior health administrators, encouraging their participation and assistance in the cultivation and stewardship of potential donors. The new incumbent will actively promote an internal culture of philanthropy.

Credible and authentic, the President & CEO will inspire trust and will bring a businesslike and respectful approach to working with Trust Board members, Fund Development Councils, and other volunteers. Perceptive and insightful, the ideal candidate will possess political savvy, and will understand the complex interplay between provincial, regional, and municipal politics. The ideal candidate’s unquestioned reputation and dedication to the community will be apparent in everything they do

The President & CEO will display sensitivity to a wide variety of supporters, partners, and stakeholders with a donor-centric, relationship-building focus attuned to the nuances of health care in our community. In addition to developing relationships across the community, the successful candidate will be comfortable playing a lead role in the cultivation, solicitation, and stewardship of key donors. The President & CEO will actively develop profile and visibility in the media and with the public that benefits the Trust as “top of mind” for our community’s philanthropy. As an engaging and energetic individual, the ideal candidate will have exceptional communication and presentation skills, characterized with charisma and eloquence. 



Reporting to the Foundation’s Board of Directors through the Chair, the President & CEO will be responsible for the overall vision, leadership, management, and operation of the Trust. Key areas of responsibility include: 

Strategic Planning and Operational Excellence

  • Lead the development of the Trust’s strategic plan, for approval by the Board.
  • Develop annual business and financial plans in partnership with Trust staff.
  • Develop positive, strong and collaborative relationships and partnerships with AHS, the Hospitals, other community facilities, and with other internal and external stakeholders to further the mission and vision of the Trust.
  • Build the broad capability of the Trust by assessing the existing organizational structure, team, programs, events, and products to refine, improve and build on existing strengths and new opportunities.
  • Ensure the rigour and quality of Trust activities by establishing and monitoring appropriate metrics to evaluate Trust performance.
  • Keep current on trends and monitor best practices in the sector and contribute to their implementation within the Trust.
  • Maintain relationships with other healthcare philanthropy professionals and leaders across Canada to ensure ongoing knowledge of best practices and to benchmark the Trust’s performance.
  • Ensure the Trust’s compliance with legal, regulatory, and ethical standards.
  • Partner with the Vice President & CFO to demonstrate fiscal accountability to the Board and ensure appropriate systems and structures are in place for the effective management and control of the Trust and its resources (including human resources).

Fundraising Leadership

  • In partnership with the Vice President, Development, plan and execute the operational plans for all philanthropic revenue streams.
  • Ensure the development of benchmarks to measure and monitor performance against these plans.
  • Liaise with AHS, Hospital, and program leaders to define program, equipment, and financial requirements.
  • In consultation and collaboration with AHS and the Vice President, lead the development of cases for support to build awareness of philanthropic opportunities.
  • Work with the Vice President, Development to ensure full integration and coordination of the programs to leverage donor engagement and fundraising results.
  • Lead the cultivation, solicitation and stewardship of principal and major gift prospects, including individuals and foundations, and strategic partnerships with corporations and other organizations.
  • Develop and champion a culture of philanthropy and community engagement across offices and sites.
  • Build relationships with key Board members and volunteers, physicians and senior staff, in order to develop and solicit key prospects and to build linkages between the Trust prospects and donors.
  • Identify business development opportunities which support the Trust’s strategic plan.

Collaborative Relationship Building

  • Lead an effective set of external organizational relationships with AHS, University of Calgary, health sector foundations, the Government of Alberta, and other NGO’s in the community as required.
  • Initiate and negotiate appropriate and strategic agreements and partnerships with community and provincial organizations.
  • Maintain ongoing positive relationships with new and existing donors, volunteers, and community members.
  • Develop and maintain effective working relationships with physicians, clinicians, and staff across the Trust’s sites; identify key physicians, clinicians, and senior staff to act as the Trust’s ambassadors and to help develop key donor relationships.
  • Identify, and lend support to, opportunities that help to build awareness of the Trust and to foster a culture of philanthropy.
  • Provide guidance, training, and support to any volunteers or hospital staff who serve as partners in fundraising activities.

Staff and Team Leadership

  • Build and support a dynamic staff team to define, plan and manage the Trust’s overall mission and vision.
  • Ensure that the Trust’s mix of fundraising activities and staffing are appropriately balanced to support the strategic goals of the Trust, and to ensure effective and efficient use of financial, staff, and volunteer resources.
  • Provide leadership, management and coaching to the Trust’s employees, ensuring that the Trust is optimally organized and staffed to achieve its vision and financial goals.
  • Create an environment in which staff are supported, enabled, and empowered to deliver excellence and reach their full potential through creativity and collaboration.
  • Engage every member of the team in working collaboratively towards the integration of programs and activities in support of our overall collective goals.
  • Encourage staff to combine best practices with creativity and new ways of approaching problems and opportunities.
  • Establish performance measures and goals for all direct reports, which are aligned with the goals of the Trust; ensure annual reviews and assessments are completed.
  • Partner with the Vice President, Corporate Services, to ensure that appropriate human resources management policies and processes are developed, implemented, and modified as needed.

Board & Council Leadership

  • Provide guidance and support to the Board and its Committees, and Fund Development Councils and other key volunteers, ensuring they are well informed about, and actively engaged in, supporting the mission of the Trust.
  • Participate in the identification, cultivation, recruitment, and retention of Board members and other key volunteers who contribute to the Trust’s development and corporate activities.
  • Collaborate with the Board to develop and deliver appropriate education, communication, and training to provide support to, and assist Board members in fulfilling their commitments and duties.  
  • Work closely with the Board to increase their involvement in, and comfort with, prospect identification, cultivation and solicitation activities.
  • Ensure that conversations about philanthropy commence at recruitment of Trust Board members.
  • Attend meetings of Board, Board Committees and Fund Development Councils as an ex-officio member.

Communications and Community Engagement

  • In collaboration with the Vice President, Corporate Services and Director of Communications, develop a strategic communications plan for the Trust that maximizes the use of communication vehicles to highlight both community health needs and donor impact.
  • Collaborate closely with AHS to ensure alignment on all key messages.
  • Work with the Vice President, Development to translate the Trust’s top priorities into compelling donor opportunities.
  • Actively promote community awareness of the Trust’s goals and objectives, with the intention of broadening the level of understanding of and support for the Trust.
  • Act as a key spokesperson and public face of the Trust and represent the Trust as required at conferences, community events, meetings, and speaking engagements. Ensure a clear, consistent message in all communications.
  • Develop strategies for donor recognition, stewardship, and engagement to ensure effective donor relations are implemented across all donor levels.
  • Collaborate closely with Marketing colleagues in the development of key communication materials to support philanthropy and stewardship activities, and to ensure alignment on all key messages.


For More Information

KCI (Ketchum Canada Inc.) has been retained to conduct this executive search on behalf of the Calgary Health Trust. Interested individuals are invited to contact Christoph Clodius, Vice President at KCI (Ketchum Canada Inc.) by email at or 604-315-5629 for more information about this leadership opportunity.

To view the full Executive Brief, please visit:

All inquiries, applications, and nominations will be held in strict confidence.

We ask that candidates submit their expressions of interest prior to November 13, 2018.