Executive Director

SafetyDriven - Trucking Safety Council of BC (TSCBC) is an industry-led association dedicated to reducing injuries and fatalities through leadership, programs, services, communication and certification. SafetyDriven - TSCBC falls under the legal umbrella of the BC Trucking Association, but has a separate governance structure comprised of a volunteer Management Committee and Board of Directors.

The purpose of SafetyDriven - TSCBC is to raise awareness about and aid in improving safety in BC’s trucking and related industries. SafetyDriven - TSCBC delivers free, confidential advice, along with training, resources, advisory services and information and is primarily funded by the General Trucking and Moving and Storage employers registered with WorkSafeBC. As the industry Certifying Partner, approved by WorkSafeBC, SafetyDriven - TSCBC also awards Certificates of Recognition (COR) to employers and owner/operators who show commitment to workplace safety and effective injury management.